18 July 2014

Seacret - Achievements CROWN (earning $250k Bonus check) and CROWN ROYALE (earning $1 Million Bonus check)

Very first CROWN AGENTs in entire of SEACRET since 20111.

 Crown Agent just a month prior, earning a $250k bonus check

Ja Sun Koo of Korea is Seacret's first Crown Royal Agent, earning him a 1 million dollar bonus check. He rank advanced to Crown Agent just a month prior, earning a $250k bonus check.  After a lifetime of success in network marketing, Mr. Koo considered himself done with the industry. Although he achieved his financial goals, his previous company didn’t offer the opportunity to help others reach that same level of achievement, something that was deeply important to Mr. Koo.
He joined SEACRET in January 2013 as a part time Agent and dedicated himself to not only his business, but to bringing the incredible opportunity to those around him. Among his vast achievements, he has developed 10 Diamond Agents, 2 Blue Diamonds, and 2 Red Diamond Agents on his team as of week 169. And he’s not done. His next goal is to develop 50 Diamond Agents on his team, bring a total of 150 Agents from his team to the Revolution Convention in November, and achieve the rank of Crown Royale.
All this massive Success & Rank Advancements are within the last 4 weeks only.

South Korea is on Fire in the World of Seacret.
The Leadership there is very Solid and has created an Atomsphere of Huge Success.

The Asian market is growing at a rapid Speed right now. They say the best way for you to Ride a Wave is to get in front of it. Now is that time.

The best part is Japan & Germany are next to open. Who will get in front of it? Will you have a piece of history?

Seacret will go down in history as a multi-billion Dollar Legacy company that will create a lot of Global Success & Signifcance.

For more info or details on how to Seize this window of time & opportunity inbox a Seacret agent near you.
SUNG-HWAN PARK achieved Crown Agent in LESS THAN A YEAR and is now living in his dream house, driving the car he’s always wanted to drive, and enjoying his freedom. We are so incredibly honored to have him as part of our SEACRET Community

EUN-RYUNG & JONG-MYUN SHIN achieved Crown status in JUST THREE MONTHS, without any previous network marketing experience! They plan to produce a Crown Agent, two Red Diamonds, one Blue Diamond, and TEN Diamonds. Shoot for the stars and you will surely hit the moon, Agents! We are here to support you and congratulate you along the way! 
With a business like SEACRET, the success stories never end! Congratulations to Ji-Won Han & Dae-Gyu Lee, our newest Crown Agents! 
SEACRET Agents from around the world continue to move up and make their dreams come true! Join us in congratulating our newest Crown Agent, Hee-Ja Jung!

Guess what? We have yet another Crown Agent to celebrate! Congratulations to Jong-Chang Lee on your achievements! 

If you want to find out more visit our website
Website: https://www.Seacretdirect.com/naturebeauty 
or Phone call: (Mobile/Viber/Tango/Line/Zalo): (+61) 0421 596 390
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Seacret - Achievements CROWN (earning $250k Bonus check) and CROWN ROYALE (earning $1 Million Bonus check)


Tại sao làm đối tác kinh doanh với SEACRET? và tại sao BÂY GIỜ? WHY PARTNER WITH SEACRET AND WHY NOW?

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