01 August 2014

MARIA TRẦN - Carramar girl in running to be Bollywood star!

Maria Trần, thí sinh người Việt duy nhất lọt vào vòng chung kết cuộc thi tài năng và nhan sắc dành cho phái nữ sắc tộc Dreamgirls 2014 ở Sydney, chia sẻ về những chuẩn bị, tập luyện và mong đợi của cô cho đêm thi chung kết sẽ được tổ chức tại: 

Sydney Baha’i Centre, 107 Derby St, Silverwater, NSW 2128 lúc 6:30pm ngày Thứ Bảy 2/8/2014

Cô là một diễn viên, nhà làm phim và nghệ thuật, đồng thời là huấn luyện viên võ thuật. Maria Trần  có bằng cử nhân Tâm lý học và  đam mê văn hóatruyền hình trong cộng đồng đa văn hóa tại Úc.

Maria Trần cũng là Phó Chủ Tịch Ngoại Vụ của Cộng Đồng Người Việt Tự Do Tiểu Bang NSW nhiệm kỳ 2013-2015

Nghe trên SBS Tiếng Việt:


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Báo chí Úc viết về Maria Trần

Carramar girl in running to be Bollywood star

Maria Tran, from Carramar, is a finalist in the Dreamgirl 2014 Pageant.
Maria Tran, from Carramar, is a finalist in the Dreamgirl 2014 Pageant.
Maria Tran, of Carramar, has the chance to become the next Bollywood star.
The 29-year-old is a finalist in the Dreamgirl 2014 pageant which will be announced in Silverwater on Saturday night.
If she wins, Ms Tran will receive a trip to India to meet Bollywood directors, producers and actors.
She hopes to one day ­increase the diversity of cultures in Australia’s entertainment industry.
“We don’t really see a lot of culturally diverse faces,” Ms Tran said.
In her spare time Maria Tran teaches martial arts and makes short films.
In her spare time Maria Tran teaches martial arts and makes short films.
“When you see someone who looks like you, you feel that you’re a part of the ­cinema.”
Ms Tran said she got ­involved in the pageant ­despite not being able to sing or dance.
“It had a really good vibe to it. It wasn’t just about beauty,” Ms Tran said.
Ms Tran will perform a song, Kamli, in Hindi, and wear a Vietnamese ao dai at the pageant to celebrate her Vietnamese culture.
She will be showing off some non-traditional skills, including martial arts, in the pageant’s talent competition.
“I do a bit of a theatre piece to show the refugees escaping the Vietnam War to say this is what my community has been through,” Ms Tran said.

WHAT: Dreamgirl 2014
WHO: Maria Tran, of Carramar, is one of 12 finalists
WHEN: The winner will be announced on Saturday 2/8/2014 at the Sydney Baha’i Centre, 107 Derby St, Silverwater NSW 2128 at 6:30pm
WHERE: They will win a trip to India to meet Bollywood directors, actors and producers
Bollywood is the next target for Maria Tran
By Bianca Perez July 30, 2014, midnight
 photo MariaTranDreamGirl3_zps68b5a06b.jpg
THE next time you watch a Bollywood movie, don't be surprised if you see Carramar's Maria Tran.
The 29-year-old was selected as a finalist in this year's multicultural DreamGirl pageant.
The winner will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to Bollywood (Mumbai, India) and meet with a series of directors, producers and actors.
Miss Tran is among 12 women selected as finalists for their talent and cultural awareness.
The independent film-maker and psychology graduate said she entered the pageant because of her passion in film-making and martial arts.
"I want to break down the stereotypes of women in the film industry," she said.
"Women can be strong and be directors of action films, too."
Ms Tran locally produced the action comedy short film Hit Girls, which was made in Fairfield and featured international Hong Kong actress Juju Chan, who won two awards at the Action On Film Festival in Los Angeles in 2013.
Ms Tran was recently elected vice-president for the Vietnamese Community in Australia (External Affairs), and is part of Australia's largest Vietnamese martial arts school, Dong Tam in Fairfield.
Early this year, Ms Tran also had ABC TV's Maximum Choppage filmed in Cabramatta.
Her role included being a stunt girl, associate producer and an extras casting co-ordinator.
"I believe DreamGirls is potentially an opportunity for me and my community to reach out internationally and to Bollywood," Ms Tran said.
"It's a dream platform to work there one day."
The national finals of this year's DreamGirl pageant will be held at the Sydney Baha'i Centre in Silverwater on August 2.
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